Saturday, March 25

Set Six Season 2, Episode 2: The return

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Set Six returns for its second episode, with Grant Sugimura, Kelsey Angus and Melissa Zhang. This time, Daily Bruin’s editor in chief and host of last year’s Set Six Tanner Walters returns once again as a guest.

No Offense, But: Sigma C.H.A.I. and supersonic jets

This week on No Offense, Chris Campbell and Keshav Tadimeti are joined by assistant Radio director Douglas Hsieh, where they talk about Sigma C.H.A.I., an initiative led by one of the undergraduate student government’s general representatives to bridge the gap between Greek life and those outside of it. More »

Statistically Yours: Creation of ‘UCLA Memes for Sick AF Tweens’ and the ultimate meme

Statistically Yours returns for its second episode. This time, your host Priyanka Nanayakkara brings you data on memes. More specifically, UCLA’s Facebook group “UCLA Memes for Sick AF Tweens.” We interviewed Eric Qu, one of the group’s co-creators, and gathered data from every meme on the group page to see if we could create “the dankest meme.” NANAYAKKARA: The word “meme” is in the top 1% of searches on the online Merriam-Webster dictionary. More »

No Offense, But: Proposition 13 and Phones

This week on No Offense, Chris Campbell and Keshav Tadimeti are joined by Opinion columnist Abhishek Shetty to talk about the University of California Student Association’s #FundtheUC campaign and their plan to reform Proposition 13 to bring more money into the UC system. More »

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