Sunday, April 30

Video: Collecting Creatives: Daniel Apodaca

“It’s really easy to fall in love with film because it’s just such a powerful medium. It can make you cry. It can make you feel good. It can make you angry. It can inform about new things.”

Watch third-year film student Daniel Apodaca as he implements visual effects in film and makes movies come to life.

Video: Sights and sounds from the March for Science LA

Tens of thousands gathered in Pershing Square on Saturday to participate in the March for Science LA. The event was not only a call for governance to acknowledge scientific evidence and expertise in the decision making process – it was also a celebration of growth, innovation and progress. More »

Video: Josephine Tehrani

The first installment of Tea Tunes features fourth-year communication studies student and recording artist Josephine Tehrani. Watch as she sings her original composition “Delusional.” More »

Collecting Creatives: Sahara Grim

Sahara Grim is a second-year ethnomusicology student who uses her education to find a voice in songwriting. Here, she performs part of her new song “Synthesis.” More »

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